Couples who aren’t experienced in planning weddings tend to ask other couples who they believe are more experienced than them for advice on how to plan a wedding. That is a great way to learn about wedding planning and the different options available to them. However, less experienced couples are not always the best at knowing what questions to ask.

They need to ensure their officiant is someone they can envision themselves getting married by and who will work hard to ensure that their dream wedding comes true. Here are just a few of the questions couples may want to consider asking!


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  1. What specifically do you offer couples planning their weddings? Do you include any particular services or sessions? If so, what?
  2. What is your training/education in performing wedding ceremonies?
  3. How many weddings have you performed in the past year? In the past two years? In your entire life as a professional officiant?
  4. May I see proof that you’re authorized to perform weddings in the state where we will be getting married (in some states this is required for all officiants)?
  5. What size and style of wedding would you recommend given my guest list (i.e., small, intimate; large; medium-sized)? Or do you think it’s appropriate to perform any size or type of wedding ceremony?
  6. Are there any restrictions on the types of ceremonies/wedding styles you provide (i.e., same-sex marriage; non-religious; outdoor/out of doors)?
  7. What is your availability (i.e., when would work best for you to perform the ceremony and what days of the week and times of day are available to you)?
  8. Can you provide these items if we want to add readings or music? Or will we need to hire someone else?
  9. How far in advance should we book you/ contact you (i.e., how soon do we need to let you know our wedding date)?
  10. Will we meet with you before making a final decision on who we want as our officiant?
  11. Do you have any sample ceremonies that I could look at? Also, may I see some testimonials from previous couples whose weddings you have performed?
  12. If we run into problems during the ceremony, what would your role be? Would you step in and do most of the talking for us, give guidance on how to resolve a situation, or keep quiet until it’s all over with?
  13. Would you be willing to help us create a personalized wedding ceremony that includes the things we want and makes sense to both of us and our guests?
  14. What is included in your fee, if any (i.e., do you charge for readings, music, travel expenses)?
  15. How soon after the wedding will we receive copies of our legally signed marriage license?
  16. Is it okay to contact you if we have questions about our ceremony after the wedding is over?


These 16 questions aren’t everything couples need to know or think about. They’re just ideas that may increase the peace of mind that they receive from knowing their officiants before deciding whether or not they want that officiant to oversee their special day.

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