Floral decor is inevitable for weddings. Flowers are almost impossible to miss at weddings, even when the wedding is an outdoor affair in the spring or summer; seasons famous for producing flowers. But with tables, you can compromise a little on flowers as there have been options of other decor items for tables at weddings.

Still, using flowers can never be out of style because florists and decorators keep getting creative and coming up with unique styles for weddings. So, to get you started on floral decor ideas to use for your wedding tables, here are a few of them to inspire you!


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Floral Decor

Floral decors for tables never go out of style; from sophistication to romance, flowers do well to add color to any room.

When it comes to floral decor, there are several options you could select from. They include succulents, potted herbs, hanging floral installations, bright wildflowers, etc.


Numbers And Names

Table names and numbers are a way of telling your wedding guests where to sit and maintain order in the seating arrangements.

However, names and numbers don’t need to be flat, and there are quite a few ways they can be used to liven your table setting and contribute to your table decor. For instance: you may stick papers with guests’ names or table numbers to old wine bottles with sprigs of flowers in them by using leaves as table markers and other options.


Table Runners

Table Runners are such excellent friends with long tables. They work well with or without tablecloths.

You may either run them alongside greenery down your long tables or place them alone to fit with your centerpieces. Some fabrics that add color to tables as table runners include velvet, foliage, and book pages. They are some unique table runners to help relay your personality, especially when you’re a lover of books.


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