Welcome bags at weddings have become a very welcome development. The gesture tells your guests that you’re happy to have them grace your ceremony, and sincerely, it’s only right since you’ll most likely not be there to welcome them on arrival!

Not to mention there’s a need to customize or personalize the bags-preferably tote bags. Oh, and get your name or the hashtag for your wedding imprinted on the bags too.

That way, it looks like it was well thought out and will send an almost equal welcome effect as a hug. To help with your choices, here are a few items to consider for your wedding welcome bags!

For Taste Buds

You may include a small bottle of water or any drink, accompanied by savory snacks like popcorn, candies, or cookies. Also, have some local snacks according to your wedding destination or your hometown.

For instance, if your destination is in San Francisco, your guests and loved ones shouldn’t go home without trying out the Ghirardelli Chocolate; it will be a thoughtful treat to include since you’re getting married there. In the same way, you can have cute lobster-shaped lollipops if it’s a beach party.

Weather Essentials

Including hand sanitizers in your welcome bags at this time isn’t only useful, but it goes to show you care about the safety of your guests and the maintenance of good hygiene at your wedding.

Also, you may add mini bottles of sunscreen or bug spray for summer weather and pashminas or hand warmers for the winter.

A Mini Hangover Kit

Consider including a mini hangover kit with eye drops, aspirin, and other thoughtful necessities, mainly if your event will involve imbibing over the weekend.

You may also add some band-aids and stain remover to help guests deal with any potential disaster that might come their way. Add a mini sewing kit to it too.

A Thank-you Card

Your guests will appreciate a simple note to let them know how thrilled you are to have them. It might seem simple, but it will tug hard at their heartstrings!

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