Here at Meadows Event Center, we have a grand hall that can hold up to 150 guests, a gazebo that can accommodate 200 and many other facilities that you can use for your wedding. It only makes sense then that we help you with tips on how to have the perfect Colorado wedding.

Now whether held in the hall or not, one thing that helps the planning and execution of a wedding is having a theme. Your wedding becomes a piece of cake as themes give your wedding a frame and all other things like decorations and fashion can then fall into place.

Our hall is excellent for weddings because it offers comfort, elegance, and creative freedom that other places do not. It also better for partying and dancing, and you do not have to worry about a plan B for when the weather turns ugly.

So, what are some themes that you can incorporate when you choose our grand hall for your wedding? Read on to find out.

The Traditional Theme

Flowers, soft music, and food served in the traditional style. With a traditional wedding, less is more, and this theme easily blends with the ambiance and style of a hall. Choosing to use a classic wedding theme at your hall wedding is easy to carry out and will be beautiful.

The Royal Theme

For your royal wedding theme, colors like red will have a considerable part to play. Candles, chandeliers, arts & crafts, and traditional music will also help to enhance the theme. If you add mannequins and artifacts, too, you’re sure to achieve that glamorous feel that you were aiming for when you picked this theme.

The Flower Theme

Flowers are a great addition to any wedding, but with halls, they’re a hit. Decorate your entrance with orchids, roses, and more. The fragrances and beauty that comes with the flower theme are sure to enlighten your guests’ souls with happiness.

You can hold your beautiful wedding with us here at The Meadows Event Center. Our venue is conveniently located between Greeley and Brighton, and we’d be excited to help with your big day. You’ll find us at 14016 County Road 32, Platteville CO, or you can give us a call at 970-500-5979. Better still, why not send us an email at