Weddings and parties are almost incomplete without colors. Couples now pick various color schemes to make their wedding outstanding. Out of the couples in 2020, 97% were recorded to have incorporated special color schemes into their weddings!

Like many trends that have evolved with weddings, colors have become a significant part of them. So if you are wondering what colors to choose for your wedding, here are great color trends in 2021 to consider!



  • Dark Blue

It is somewhat surprising that dark blue comes ahead of black and white in wedding color trends for 2021. In fact, almost 40% of couples used it in 2020.

While the navy blue color is considered a neutral shade that fits into any season, it also appears unique to the white or black colors. Therefore, dark blue can be used at its best when combined with its other shades or hues.


  • Champagne Or Ivory

The champagne color takes the second position on the list of color trends for 2021 weddings. A recorded percentage of 31% of couples have included the champagne color into their wedding color scheme.

The color is unique for its versatility-blending into any season and team, whether it’s the winter season or a beach-themed wedding.

The champagne color is similar to white in brightness. It is, however, softer and gives off a more romantic look and feel.


  • White And Gold

33% of married couples in 2020 chose either white or gold; this has put the combination in third place on the wedding color trend list.

The white and gold colors are versatile, especially the white color. It can be used in any style or season.

While you’re picking the suitable color scheme for your wedding, you’ll also need an ideal venue to accentuate your taste and give the right atmosphere!


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