Wedding étiquettes in recent times have been a bit relaxed. Although etiquettes are no strict rules, they are, however, expectations required from or at weddings.

Be sure to have a few or more wedding étiquettes at the back of your mind if there are aspects of them that will come in handy. Here are a few wedding étiquettes you should know.

  • Payment Étiquettes

Usually, the bride’s parents pay for all things concerning the wedding, from the engagement party to the wedding plans, ceremony, and reception. Simultaneously, the groom’s parents pay for the groom’s attendants’ lodging and the rehearsal dinner cost.

The groom is also a part of the people responsible for payments. He pays for the marriage license and officiants fee and buys the bouquet for his date.

However, times change; the bride and groom now often take responsibility for everything, especially if they’ve lived independently of their parents for a while. This is often the case, save when the parents or any loved one decides to chip in some financial aid.

Also, couples can ask for financial aids from their loved ones if they feel the necessity.

  • Season Considerations

The season your wedding date falls into should be of great importance because it decides everything about your wedding. We mean the venue, the food, the décor, the dress, and even the day’s mood.

For instance, spring weddings will incorporate many floral aspects into the ceremony, as spring is a colorful season.

  • Sending Out Invitations

While sending out invitations, be sure to exclude guests you may have cut off for budgetary reasons.

However, send invitations to the old and distant guests or loved ones who cannot make it, but who you would have loved to see at your wedding, nonetheless. That way, they know you include them as part of your day.

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