When it comes to wedding planning, it seems that everyone speaks the same language, but if you seem to be facing some confusion and need help, we’ve answered the top questions you’d want to ask. Why? Because here at Meadows Event Center, we’re committed to the success of your wedding. So, grab a chair, relax, and let’s answer some crucial first-timer wedding questions.

  • Who Does the Planning?

This is a decision that you, as a couple has to make for yourselves. While there is nothing unusual about a wedding being entirely planned by the bride, the fact remains that the groom could also be the one who runs the show, or both can handle equal parts of the planning.

  • Who Gives the Wedding Thank You Speech?

Traditionally, the groom was the one who delivered a wedding speech on behalf of the bride. However, it does not have to be the same nowadays. You can both decide who is excellent at speeches and have them do the thank you speech on behalf of you both. You could even go full-on cheesy and give the speech together.

  • Do We Need Groomsmen and Bridesmaids?

The majority of weddings use this as an opportunity to appreciate their friends and family during their wedding. Just remember that your groomsmen and bridesmaids don’t just stand next to you during the wedding, they should also provide support and assistance leading up to your big day. The short answer is, however, no. It is not compulsory to have them!

  • What Are Wedding Favors?

Favors are the small gifts given by the newlyweds to their wedding guests. They could be anything that is given to guests on behalf of the newlyweds. From pieces of the wedding cake and photo frames to seedlings or bags of sweets. It is not compulsory, but it’s a great way to appreciate your guests for attending and reminding them of that day.

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