There’s usually a thin line between knowing the things that are “nice” and the ones that you “need” to know when planning your wedding. And with the excitement and anxiety that comes with planning a wedding, it’s unlikely you’ll realize the difference between the two!

However, ignoring or being unaware of the following tips about planning a wedding can add extra stress to the planning process. Some tips will help ensure your wedding is hitch-free, so be mindful of that. Here are a few of them.


Meadows Wedding Planning Tips


Begin Early

Starting your wedding plans late could lead to fewer options. For instance, venues often get booked throughout the year. So, if you don’t start planning early, you may be left with the “runner up” options. Sometimes, they don’t provide the same quality of services that you would have gotten from your first choice. Therefore, start your wedding planning before the three-month mark.


Have A Fun Planning

Be sure to make out time for a bit of fun amidst all the planning activities. Planning a wedding can get overwhelming that you just want to get to your bed after each day.

One example is going for dinner with your friends after your dress fitting – celebrate as many planning activities as possible!



Being organized with your wedding plans will entail documentation. Have your vendor names, contacts, addresses, and other vital details documented. It will make for the smooth running of things and also keep you in control of things.


  • Answer The Important Questions For A Venue

Getting the right venue for your wedding is one of the first and most essential aspects of wedding planning. But the number of guests you’re expecting and the type of wedding you want is key to finding an ideal venue.


With Meadows Event Center, be rest assured that all your wedding venue concerns will be met. We offer a unique venue that makes for a fantastic wedding and excellent backdrops for Instagram-worthy pictures! Contact us today for outstanding wedding venue services!