Whether you’re planning a bachelorette for yourself, your partner is doing the honors, or even your bridal party, there are a number of great ideas you can utilize for an amazing experience!

Yet, there’s no rule book where it states the bride-to-be can only have one bachelorette party. Have as many parties as you want, and enjoy your last days as a single lady while dancing to Beyonce’s sweet music!


“Glamping,” for the people at the back who may be unfamiliar with the term, means “glamorous camping” because it involves more than the usual traditional ones. Simply put, it’s camping with luxury.

It can be at the beach or a private island, or a place that affords you the view of an alpine lake. Glamping is worth trying with your bridal party.

Go on Sail

Going on a sailing cruise is top tier in the list of fun ideas for a bachelorette party. There are so many fun things to be done during a boat sail!

You may get a tan, go fishing, have a mini picnic; the possibilities are almost endless. It would be best if you didn’t miss out on the opportunity of all the Instagram-worthy moments a boat sail has to offer.

Go For Karaoke

Karaoke is an excellent option for relieving the stress of planning for your wedding day. It gives enough room for you to either show off your singing skill or act silly and be lost in the moment.

Also, most karaoke bars may provide you with VIP rooms for you and your bridal party, in case you feel somewhat shy to perform in front of an audience you’re not familiar with.

Use A Staycation

“What’s a staycation?” you may ask. A staycation is a form of a holiday spent at home, with fun activities, instead of traveling to fun sites or out of the country.

A staycation with your bridal party can be a great experience. You can order your favorite foods and watch your favorite series, as well as play your favorite songs at high volumes. It’s also excellent for bonding. Above all, be sure to get pictures and videos of these moments because they’ll all be worth it.

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