Weddings are almost often associated with summer. However, most times, every other aspect of a wedding is planned to work well with the weather and season. That includes the theme, which would also help guide decisions such as the type of decor, attire, and color palettes for your wedding!

With the summer season, you’re sure to incorporate its feeling of warmth, vibrance, and colors into your choice of wedding theme. From unique wedding favors to wedding entertainment, here are a few ideas for your summer wedding!




Different Wedding Favors

Versatile wedding favors can be an excellent way to show your guests how grateful you are that they grace your occasion. Wedding favors can be particularly fun in the summer because there are various options to go with. There are fans, parasols, sunglasses, sunscreens, etc. These are all items that will help them stay comfortable through your warm-weather wedding.


Nautical Entertainment

Nautical entertainment can involve water activities to give your guests something interesting to either watch or participate in. This includes hiring maritime performers who may dress as mermaids or employing a boat cruise.


Angular Arch

Make a statement with your ceremony altar by including an Angular Arch. The shape is sure to draw attention to you while you exchange your vows. You may also repurpose it for your reception.


A Tent

A tent is almost an inevitable item for a summer wedding, especially when you’re having an outdoor affair. Asides from making it easy to get creative with your decorations, a tent can also serve as protection from natural elements such as sun and rain. The use of string lights can also help to add romance to the interior of your tent.


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