Deciding on an outfit for your wedding entails more than just one visit to one bridal store. Several designs and outfits await you in each store you step into, so your options are endless. But if you haven’t made up your mind about what you intend to wear, you’ll be even more confused once you’re in the store!

Over the years, wedding dress designs have improved and become diverse both in styles and colors. As a result, there’s a whole lot to consider when choosing a wedding outfit.

It would be best if you stay abreast with the wedding outfit trends. So, have read below, and you’ll see the best trends this year!




Feather Design

Designers are using feathers as a part of an over-the-top embellishment. And it doesn’t matter what your preference is because the feather design fits right into the occasion.


Off Shoulder Sleeves

Relay your inner romance by using the off-shoulder dress design. It’s versatile and also goes well with any wedding theme. So whether you’re sticking with the mermaid style or a grand ball gown, an off-shoulder design is a great choice!


Square Necklines

Square neckline wedding dress design takes you back to the regency and renaissance eras. If Bridgerton is your favorite tv show at the moment, you’ll notice how this neckline flatters the shoulders and the collarbone.


High Slits Design

High slits are one of the unique designs for wedding dresses in 2021. It gives room for showcasing the bride’s sex appeal and a little skin.

Whether it’s a formal ball gown or a curvy silhouette, the high slit design brings out the femme fatale in you.


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