Social media is now an essential part of our everyday lives. If an event or ceremony isn’t posted on social media, it’s as if it never happened.

However, there’s such a thing as “doing too much” when using social media. And here are a few tips to appropriately use social media for your wedding.



  • Make Your Engagement Announcement

Announcing your engagement through social media is compelling, significantly when excitement doesn’t help remember all the people to place a call across to.

However, you’ll need to give your loved ones prior information as they won’t appreciate finding out about your engagement on social media.


  • Use A Hashtag

Using a hashtag for your wedding is a way to get all posts about your wedding in one place. It’s also a way to send out the necessary information about your date or venue. And it’s a great way to show if memorable shots were taken before, during, or after your wedding.


  • Do Not Compare

It’s easy to fall into the comparison pool, with so many pictures and videos of perfect weddings littered around social media.

However, everyone’s marriage can’t have the same activities or preparations; besides, no one tells about the faults behind the scenes.

It’ll be right to log out and take some time off social media if you find yourself comparing.


  • Keep Your Phone Away

Being fully involved in your wedding activities is something you’ll come to appreciate for years to come.

Leave updating your Snapchat story for later; that’s why your wedding photographer is there in the first instance. He’s there to provide you with pictures of memorable moments.


The proper use of social media in sharing your wedding moments with the world won’t be complete without having the perfect backdrop to your ceremony.

Meadows Event Center offers you a stunning location for your ideal wedding. Our venue will give you unique backdrops for your wedding photos to stuff on all your social media pages! You’re sure to have an unforgettable ceremony. Call us now.