When planning a wedding, it’s advisable to plan for unforeseen occurrences. The coronavirus has disrupted many couples’ wedding plans. Many of these couples have decided to postpone their wedding plans but the uncertainty is still very present.

There’s no need to postpone your wedding anymore but you can’t risk your safety either. Well, we are here to tell you that you can have a ‘socially distant’ wedding that will still afford you and your guests a wonderful time! Here are suggestions for an enjoyable ‘socially distant’ wedding.

  • Provide Your Guests with Facemasks.

A socially distant wedding implies safety. What is safety during the COVID-19 without facemasks? Your facemasks can be designed to fit the theme of the wedding or with your guests’ outfits so that they blend easily.

  • No Buffet Service Required

Rather than having your guests serve themselves, consider a plated menu. With this, everyone is served in a safe way.

If you or your family insist on buffet-style services, it will be best to include more catering services since guests serving themselves will not conform to the entire idea of social distancing which may, in turn, put them at risk.

  • Consider Employing Beverage Staff 

Employing additional staff to serve beverages will help reduce trips to the bar. This is similar to the plated menu style of serving food.

The beverage staff will serve drinks to each table every time it is required for them to do so. You and your guests get pampered without having to lift a finger while still maintaining social distancing.

  • Let Your Guests Know What Your Plans for Your Wedding Are

You may have all your plans right but when your guests don’t understand what exactly you require of them, there may be someform of confusion and dissatisfaction.

So, communicate with them before the wedding and let them be privy to your plans. That way, everyone will be involved.

Social distancing is an opportunity to be innovative with your wedding, so come see us in Greenly and Brighton and book our amazing wedding venue and let’s make it the most special day ever!

Contact us at the Meadows Event Center and we’ll help you celebrate a day that will live on in your memories forever!