Have you thought of a personalized hashtag for your wedding yet? We discussed digital wedding etiquette in our last post and thought this would be a great follow up. Hashtags are important because, after your wedding, you can get to see special moments you missed.

You can also use them to browse through the thoughts that your guests had about your wedding. So, how do you make one for your wedding? Here are a few tips from us to get you started.

Reach Out to Your Creative Friends

Going the way of online generators might not be such a good idea for getting your personalized wedding hashtag. The results will probably be generic, so it’s better to do some manual brainstorming with your friends. You could also start a Facebook post and ask everyone to share ideas.

Go Personal with It

When it comes to weddings, the best things are always those personal to the couple getting married. A personalized hashtag will be the same. It’ll be easier for your guests to remember and more fun too.

Avoid Difficult Words

If the words you use for your hashtag are long and complicated, it may pose a problem. Guests may misspell it, and that will defeat the purpose of having one in the first place. Try to find words that are easy to pronounce and use.

Advertise It

It is one thing to come up with a personalized hashtag for your wedding and another thing to get your guests to start using it. One step towards the latter is by making it visible. Don’t be afraid to use it while planning your wedding and also at your wedding itself. Best of luck!

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