If you are invited to a wedding, you want to make sure you do everything in your power to keep the newlyweds happy. Of course, wedding etiquette has changed a lot throughout the past couple of decades. Even so, there are a lot of rules that still need to be followed (on both ends, both by the bride and groom and by their guests). What are some of the wedding rules all wedding guests should adhere to even today? Here are some of the most important ones.

Be Truthful with Your RSVP

Don’t send a positive RSVP if you have the slightest doubt you might make it. The bride and groom will take your RSVP as a final decision and they will add you to the guest head count (and this means they will order food, favors, and everything else for you as well, even if you don’t show up).

Pay Attention to Your Invites

Take a very close look at the envelope the invitation comes in. Does it include a plus one? Does the RSVP itself include a space where you can enter the name of a plus one? Does it reference to your family?

Unless you are in a very serious relationship or married, you shouldn’t assume that the bride and groom will allow plus-ones. Likewise, if your RSVP doesn’t include “and family” or anything in that direction, don’t just assume you can bring your kids to the wedding.

Be on Time

If you’re not familiar with the area, take the time to study it and plan your trip there so that you are present when the ceremony starts. It’s just bad manners to interrupt such a unique event with your entrance at the ceremony.

Regulate Your Phone Usage

Mute your phone during the ceremony – you really don’t want the couple’s wedding vows to be interrupted by a ring. Also, if the bride and groom specifically ask guests not to use their smartphones, listen to them, because there are a lot of reasons why they might not want this.

For instance, they might want to make sure the professional photographer they’ve hired has plenty of room to move around and take the best shots (without your smartphone being an obstacle in their way).

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