Knowing the postures to take for your wedding photography is probably one thing you don’t consider necessary in your wedding planning process. But your wedding photography involves a lot more than hoping your photographer captures all the right moments.

Your wedding pictures make for great memories. Your photographer can only do so much in guiding you, but you’re responsible for the postures you’d love to relive your big day in the years to come. Consider the ideas below for your wedding photography poses!


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A Portrait Before The Ceremony

Since it’s considered taboo for the bride to see the groom before the ceremony, here’s a solution.

There can be a picture where the couple on both sides of the wall are either looking at the camera, the obstruction between them (usually the wall), or seemingly reflecting on their lives.


A First Look Portrait

A snapshot of the first look on the groom’s face as he first sets eyes on his bride is one that every wedding shouldn’t miss! Often, to get the perfect look, two photographers are made to snap simultaneously as the bride steps out.


A Picture Of The Bride And Groom

Couples have gotten their wedding pictures/albums from photographers to discover that they had photos with everyone but themselves.

Make sure you take a picture of just you and your partner right after the reception and before you start taking series of pictures with other people.


Picture Of The Classics

To get the right classic photos for your wedding, meet with your photographer days before the wedding to discuss the basics.

They include your first kiss, walk down the aisle, the flower girl sprinkling flowers, shoes, gown, bouquet, and any other parts of your wedding that you may need your photographer to take pictures of.


Take Some Candid Pictures

Your wedding photographer would have ideas on how to get outstanding pictures of the couple and parents, the happy couple, and the bridal party.

There are, however, the moments your photographer will capture that will be just magical. If you have preferred moments you’d love for your photographer to capture, be sure to let them know beforehand, so they know what to look out for.


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