Your wedding planner is easily one of the most important vendors on your big day because they will be responsible for managing other vendors. You must ensure your planner has adequate experience in dealing with vendors and also understands what the perfect wedding means to you.

Whether you are planning a grand, small, or getaway event, the planner must ensure you and your guests have a great experience without distractions. We have therefore put together 5 questions you should ask before picking a wedding planner.

  • How many weddings have they planned? 

This is literally the first question we advise couples to ask their planners, specifically to know if they can handle your guests and if they can remain within your budget. Asking this question will help find out how experienced they are, whether they have a degree in wedding planning, and if they have a bias for cultures. Some planners can’t do much outside the books and don’t have the capacity for a large wedding.

  • Do they have a list of vendors? 

Every wedding planner has a list of preferred vendors that they work with. They have a good relationship with these vendors and can always manage issues if it seems things aren’t going as planned. The good side of this is that they can help you get great deals.

  • Can they work within our budget? 

Every couple has a budget for their wedding, and you should hire a wedding planner that will not overshoot your budget. He or she should have good negotiating skills, know how to cut unnecessary costs, and be money-savvy so that your budget can go the extra mile in achieving your dream wedding. 

  • Can they manage an emergency?

Your wedding planner should have a backup plan when things don’t go as planned. What will they do when the caterer doesn’t show up or the DJ is having a hard time getting to the venue? If yours isn’t the first event they have catered to, they’ll be able to tell you precautions they took in similar situations in the past. They’ll have a Plan B ready should things go awry. 

  • How much do they charge? 

You’ll want to talk about the charges before looking at their contract books, of course. If they don’t have a website where you can look this up, ask them at the beginning of the meeting. You should review their rates too and ascertain it fits into your budget before getting into the details of your wedding.

When rounding up the meeting with your planner, you must tell them about the importance of a venue that provides beautiful scenes and ambiance for your guests. One such place is the Magnolia Venue at 1120 Eagle Pointe Way, Pigeon Forge.

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