Choosing a venue for your wedding reception and banquet can be challenging. That is because there are so many different factors to consider: the cost, the space, accessibility for guests, parking options, amenities offered (like valet or on-site catering), and whether or not you would like an open bar. To help you, we’ve created a list of tips for finding the perfect location!


Meadows 5 Tips for choosing a venue for the wedding reception and banquet scaled


What Type of Wedding do You Want?

Think about the wedding you want to have by considering different venues. For example, if there will be children in your bridal party or you’re having an intimate celebration with only a handful of friends and perhaps family members, consider a smaller, more casual venue.

If you’re looking for something larger and more formal, look into venues that offer multiple rooms or function halls to accommodate guests.


How Much Space Will You Need?

Determine how much space you’ll need by estimating the number of people who will be at your wedding.

You can determine this by tallying up the number of people you’ve invited and knowing how many of them will accept.


What Amenities Does the Venue Offer?

Find out what amenities the venue offers to ensure that your wedding goes off without a hitch. For instance, do they offer chairs, tables, and accessories, or do you need a professional wedding planner to help with that? What about parking and guest rooms? Be mindful of all these factors.


What About Transporation for Guests?

Think about transportation options for getting guests to and from the venue. You may also want to know what their parking situation is like, as well as whether or not they can provide a shuttle for guests.


Can Your Budget Accommodate the Venue?

Can your budget cover the venue ad still leave with enough for the rest of the wedding planning? If it can’t, book another venue that falls within your means.

Ask about different packages that might interest you and whether or not any special deals are going on at the time of year you’re getting married.


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