You probably want an officiant to lead your wedding ceremony. But what if your beliefs don’t fall in line with any major religion like many of us today? What if you don’t consider yourself spiritual or religious at all?

It’s easy enough to hop online and search for “non-denominational officiants,” but who should you really trust with the task of uniting you and your beloved? Here are some things to think about when choosing an officiant!


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The Person’s Demeanor

Do they feel comfortable coming up in front of crowds regularly? Are they easily jittery or anxious, even around small groups of people? Do they seem friendly toward everyone they meet?

Being an officiant is not only something you should trust this person with, but it’s also a job that requires some social skills.

If your chosen officiant seems stiff and uncomfortable in public, they may have trouble being the face of your wedding. With that being said, hiring an experienced and professional officiant is the simplest way to ensure you avoid this issue.


Ask About Their Personal Life

What do they do when they’re not officiating weddings? Do they have any hobbies or outside interests? A dedicated professional will be able to devote more time to your wedding than someone who feels overworked by their commitments already.

Plus, if you get along well, you’ll be able to create a stronger bond with them, making even the more challenging parts of wedding planning easier.


Knowledge Of Modern Wedding Trends

An officiant should be knowledgeable about weddings as a whole and modern wedding trends specifically.

If someone is well-spoken, professional, and up to date on the latest wedding practices, they’re going to be a good wedding officiant.


How Much Time Can They Devote?

This may seem like common sense, but it’s an important thing to consider. If you want help with rehearsal dinner plans or any other part of your ceremony that might require some extra assistance or guidance from your officiant, then look for someone who will be available for those tasks. Please don’t feel guilty asking them to do anything.


Are There Others in Your Community with This Person?

If you live in a small city or town, ask around for references. For example, ask about the officiant’s demeanor toward friends and neighbors in the area. How have they treated others? Have they made any promises that they have not kept?

This is especially important if your wedding is close because people are more likely to remember negative interactions than positive ones.

Don’t be afraid to interview potential candidates before making your decision. And when you find someone who seems right for you, it’ll all be worth it!


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