While some people think wedding favors shouldn’t be a compulsory part of wedding ceremonies, it wouldn’t hurt to give your guests something to remember you by. You know, things to show gratitude for making out time to come and celebrate with you on your most special of days.

They will likely drive or fly a significant distance to be there on your big day, so they’ll truly appreciate the gesture. They will most likely give you (at least one) thoughtfully chosen gift as well as new clothing, so return the favor (pun intended) as best you can.

Of course, you’ll send them thank-you notes, but favors are a quicker, more fun way to communicate your gratitude. Notwithstanding, many guests will (secretly) desire that unique parting gift. Here are a few ideas for presenting your wedding favors to help you decide gifts to give at your wedding.

Personalize Your Wedding Favors

Make your wedding favors more personal by using a personalized ribbon or adding a handwritten note to your gifts.

Attaching a small note of thanks will give your favors an added personal touch. However, if your handwriting is not the best, enlist the help of a friend or calligrapher. This is in no way a compulsory part because it’s the thought that matters.

Use a deluxe packaging

Your wedding favors need to look cute, so your guests will be excited to take them home. You can use drawstring bags, rustic boxes, and glass jars to package gift items at your wedding.

Add Favors As Decorative Accents

Try placing decorative wedding favor boxes to transform your simple event table décor into a mesmerizing one and further augment your thematic décor.

Giving your guests a unique wedding favor that matches your wedding theme and complements it well will impress your guests and enhance your event décor and your wedding theme.

Employ Edibles

Wedding favors can also come in the form of edibles. You can use wrapped candies, and fantastic cookies can be used to make an impression.

Use A Playlist

You can introduce that special playlist of treasured songs that you enjoy with your spouse to your guests. The wedding reflects you two as a couple, and the favors are the last impression they’ll get, so this is a shot at sharing your favorites.

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