The popularity of wedding color palettes and their saturation of Pinterest (and the web at large) has led to some backlash recently. A few design sites have even published articles detailing how to avoid “Pinterest Wedding Colors” as if they were a terrible fad that would only ruin your big day.

But color palettes are the new black. They’re everywhere—from fashion runways to music videos to healthcare design. So why fight this trend?

Here are five wedding color palettes that we think will be all over Pinterest and your Facebook feed in 2024. If past trends indicate future trends, these color palettes might be trending very early in 2024!


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Cool Blushes

If there’s anything consistent about wedding color palettes, it’s that they’re cyclical—meaning a color palette of a few years ago is bound to make a comeback in some shape or form. And while pastel lavender was huge in 2021, we predict cool blushes will be everywhere in 2024.

We suggest sticking to a monochromatic palette with blush pink and dusty blue, along with accents of deep fuchsia.

In a similar vein, blush pink and dusty blue will go great with a dessert bar or candy buffet in a chic shade of medium fuchsia.


90s Throwback

What’s even better than the 90s is when the best parts of the 90s are combined with today’s trends! Mix dusty rose and salmon for a unique combination that you can’t find anywhere else. And if you want to stick with a monochromatic color palette, pastel purple will work just as well.


Classic Nude with Bold Accents

This wedding color palette is so lovely. First, keep your wedding monochromatic with a classic nude color. Then, add bold pops of red for accents. And pink or fuchsia won’t be your only options for a pop of color—we suggest marigold as another fun alternative.



Boho is a perfect example of a wedding color palette that will never go out of style. Some parts of the boho trend may come and go (turquoise and kiwi green were huge last year), but the overall aesthetic will always be in style. Throw in an accent (or two) of color to make this palette look unique.


Colorful Romance

Much like boho, this color palette is also timeless. Mix bright pinks with coral reds and peach oranges for a warm color combination that’s perfect for summer weddings. And if you want to get creative, try pairing the colors above with mint green accents!


If you’re looking to focus more on the aesthetic of your wedding, then this might be the hues for you! Wedding color palettes are here to stay—and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

So why not embrace them? At the very least, it will give you good ideas for wedding invitations and save the dates.

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