Over the years, we’ve seen how some brides go overboard when it comes to bridal attire. Don’t fall victim to this too.

Of course, we believe in self-expression on your wedding day so you can wear whatever makes you happy, but there are five fashion rules everyone should follow. We’ve listed them out for you below!


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Choose The Right Dress for Your Body Type

This means that if you’re petite or tall, don’t wear dresses too short or long for your body type. It could be unflattering (to you or others).

If you’re curvy or petite, don’t choose an A-line dress because it will only accentuate the problematic areas of your body. And if you’re plus size, don’t pick a trumpet or mermaid dress. You know why…


Do Not Wear White (If You’re Not the Bride)

This is obvious, but not everyone gets it. If you’re attending a wedding as a guest, you may want to wear white because if the bride happens to be wearing white, your outfit won’t compete with hers. However, if you’re not a fan of the bride wearing white to her wedding, don’t wear it to support her.

You could risk looking bridal and out of place. But, on the other hand, the bride also might see your outfit as a form of competition, so let her shine! It’s all about being a good guest.


Be Modest

Weddings are formal, so you might want to show up with your shoulders covered, cleavage hidden, and legs crossed, ladies! The same goes for men, who should wear a dark suit that fits them well and covers their wrists and ankles.


Accessorize Wisely

Please don’t overdo it on the jewelry. If the wedding is formal, wear a bracelet or necklace that won’t draw all eyes to your wrists and neck. And if you’re attending a beach wedding, don’t show up with gigantic earrings and bracelets! Please keep it simple.


Stick to The Dress Code Even if it’s Weird

If, for example, you’re expected to wear cocktail attire at a church or long formal gowns at a casual beach wedding, do your best to dress according to the host’s preference.

If it’s a semi-formal wedding and you’re unsure what to wear, ask the bride or someone who knows her well! A little intimacy goes a long way.


Meadows Event Center is happy for you, and we’re sure you’ll look fabulous for your 2022 wedding! Ensure you celebrate it in a venue that will reflect and accentuate all the beauty cloaking you on that day!

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