Disco balls aren’t just for clubs and studios. They can be great when used as wedding décor too. It’s been a massive part of parties in the disco era, and the trend is not dying anytime soon.

Make them a significant part of your venue’s decor by marking the aisle, creating massive installations, and so much more. Get inspired by some of the ideas listed here!


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  • Have A Photo Booth

Have disco balls around your photo booth. Take pictures of yourselves playing around with some disco balls. You’ll have more fun than you’ll believe!


  • Have An Altar Frame

Disco balls can be used at the ceremony altar. It adds a whimsy touch to the décor there. Place a few disco balls at the foot of the ceremony arch, or you can hang a ball at the central part of your wedding arch.


  • Aisle Markers

You can use a few disco balls to mark your wedding aisle. Remember, they’re not just for your wedding reception. Tie them together in varying sizes and place them strategically at different points of the aisle.


  • Consider Your Tablescape

For a definite whimsy touch and in the spirit of “going big,” consider adding disco balls to your wedding tables’ centerpieces. A mix of disco balls and large flowers can add flair to your tablescape.


  • Have Flower Vases

Incorporate disco balls into your wedding by making flower vases that look them! It’s unique and very cute!


  • Have Disco Balls Scattered In A Room

Having disco balls scattered in a room can give a celebratory vibe and keeps everyone in the mood for fun. However, be mindful of where you place them lest you want someone to trip over them.


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