Having a big ceremony, such as your wedding, and not having a loved one witness it can be pretty painful. No matter how happy or fulfilling your day may be, the absence of your loved one will still be felt. You may, however, honor their memory at your wedding through these few ways.


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1. Keep A Seat

One way to honor a lost loved one is to reserve a seat at a strategic place at your wedding, usually in the front row, depending on how close they were to you.

You may hang clothing of theirs, such as a jacket or a hat, and place a flower, usually from your bouquet, or a picture of them on the seat.


2. Use Flowers

Some flowers are used in remembering loved lost ones, such as pansies, rosemary, or gladiolus. Add these flowers a bit to parts of your décor.

And for your guests to join in on honoring your loved one, be sure to include the concept of these flowers into your program; that way, everyone gets in on it.


3. A Moment Of Silence

Usually, the most popular way to honor a lost loved one is by observing a moment of silence.


4. Include Their Picture In Your Attire

You may either pin a picture of your loved one by the side of your wedding outfit or on your bouquet or have their face painted at a tiny end.


5. Share A Recipe That Reminds You Of Them

Share with your wedding guests a recipe that your loved one used to make. It can be a recipe for their favorite family meals or one they used to make the last meal you shared with them.


6. Play Their Favorite Song

People often have songs they love the most, and one way to honor your loved one at your wedding would be to play the one song or songs they loved to listen to or dance to.

You may ask your guests to join in and sing or dance along. Also, you may add their favorite outfit while dancing to their song.


Bonus: Use A Toast

When delivering a toast at your wedding, you may mention them, especially if they were cherished friends to the family, and give them a toast.

While considering all the details necessary to make your wedding stand out, a great venue encompassing every aspect of your big day is essential.


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