Choosing a theme for your wedding can be tasking because there can be several options to choose from. And there’s a need to plan for every aspect of your wedding according to your selected theme. So, you must consider all these from the couple’s outfits to the decorations and the food and drinks!

There are factors you must consider with the different ideas and concepts that accompany selecting a wedding theme. Here are some of the essential factors to help you choose a wedding theme!




Consider The Season

While the season can affect an already chosen theme, it can also inspire choosing a theme. For instance, a beach theme can’t be efficiently pulled off in the winter season. The summer is often the best time for a beach theme.


The Venue Should Inspire You

Your wedding venue plays a vital role in your theme decision. Therefore, it would be best to choose a venue that does not clash with the theme you want.

On the other hand, a venue that complements your theme can be pretty helpful. For instance, using a beach venue gives the perfect backdrop for a beach or nautical theme.


Check The Dress Code

Your dress code can affect how you would want to feel throughout your big day. For example, if you ask your guests to dress for a black-tie wedding while using a rustic theme, your photos will probably come out funny.

Also, your guests may feel out of place. They might feel overdressed or underdressed when their dress code doesn’t play into your theme.


Consider A Few Personal Touches

Consider having a mix of trendy and personal touches for your wedding theme. For example, if your spouse is a sports lover, adding a touch of sports to your wedding can fit right into your theme.

But don’t go overboard. However, those things you love can inspire your wedding theme decision.


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