Weddings are used for confirming choices of a lifetime; they are the ultimate proclamation of love. The perfect wedding day should be filled with much appreciation, dancing, smiles and most importantly, love. No wedding celebration can be complete without it.

So many couples plan for and anticipate a dreamy and romantic wedding. It is not hard to see the reason behind so many couples need to host or have a grand wedding.

There are just so many things to put in place when planning for a romantic wedding.  You would want everything about your big day to be romantic: from procession down to the reception. The following are but a few tips for planning a romantic wedding.

Choice Of Colors

It will help if you select colors that boldly spell and express the word ‘romance.’ You can think of colors like pink, blue, red, purple, amongst so many others. You can also choose colors unique to both you and your partner.

Choice Of Venue

Your choice of the venue must fit in with and also express the theme of your wedding. It would be best if you researched venues which have the necessary facilities to make your wedding very romantic. The venue has to be elegant to drive home your intentions for your wedding.

Meadows Event Center is the right venue to make your wedding romantic. We have breathtaking mountain views and fountains that express romance. At Meadows Event Center, you are sure to have a romantic wedding.

Floral Stationery

Your choice of flowers must be able to express your emotions. With that, your wedding is off to a romantic start, and the tone of your wedding day is set.

For stunning floral stationery, you will need to check galleries, vendors and also seek help from a proficient event planner. You can even go as far as to plan for suspending florals and other fabulous ideas.

Choice Of Dress

Your wedding theme should be reflected in your choice of dress. You won’t want to dress weird. You’ll need to inspect or check the dresses of every person who is a crucial part of your special day, from the flower girls to the bridesmaid, groom, best-man, amongst others.


Music is a crucial part of every wedding. You need to select songs that set a romantic atmosphere. Your DJ will part a significant role in setting the right tone for your wedding. The DJ will have unique playlists that express romance through music.

The Lights

The lighting is also an essential part of your wedding. It helps to transform the feel of your wedding.

The lighting has to be perfect and fit the theme of your wedding. The venue should be able to fit your lighting and ultimately help in giving your wedding that romantic feel.

Chairs And Tables

It would help if you could rent seats and tables that show or express love. At Meadows Event Center, we have the right seats for every type of event. Our chairs and tables will amp up the romantic feel of your wedding.

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