No one writes a fairytale about paying for a wedding ceremony, and chances are, there’s something you’re dreaming about for your wedding day that might be just a little or more over-the-top.

However, you can have a champagne wedding on a beer budget by taking advantage of cashback sites and tricks for invitations and flowers without anyone noticing. Here are a few ways to modify and save cost for your wedding day.

Use an off-season Date

The off-season for weddings typically runs from November to March. Throw in a marriage date at this time, and you can get a real bargain, especially if it’s on a weekday or a Sunday.

Call in Favors

Ask that friend who makes incredible cakes to make your wedding cake a gift to you or that aunt who owns a fancy car to drive you to the ceremony. Nonetheless, remind them that it’s okay to say no if they don’t feel they can do it.

Recruit Friends

Outsourcing activities to members of your inner circle can play to the strengths, thereby turning the prep into a party (for example, assign lettering to the friend with beautiful writing).

Be Strict with Headcount

One of the most significant ways to cut costs is to reduce the size of your guest list; use only a few plus ones. A small wedding is great if done properly.


Go with do-it-yourself projects to save money on your wedding. Consider making your decor, baking your cake, or creating personal wedding details.

Employ the Venue’s Resources

Make inquiries from each venue on what they will include in the rental fee. It may consist of items like tables, chairs, or linens, translating into hundreds and thousands of dollars in savings.

Consider Borrowing from Newlyweds

There’s more to your wedding attire than the dress. Save on accessories by using family heirlooms. You may also ask recently married friends for their centerpieces or other leftover items from their events.

Hire A ‘One for Two’ Service

If you have a band at your reception, you may ask about hiring one or two members for the ceremony.

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