An essential point of planning your wedding is to regulate your guest list. Your wedding guest list will influence your budget, venue, and maybe even your wedding’s timing. Here is a guide to creating the ultimate guest list for your wedding to assist with this part of the planning process.

Make a Guest List Draft

Generate a list of everyone you want to have at your wedding, from loved ones like close friends and those who aren’t close like colleagues and acquaintances. From there, work backward from there to ensure you don’t forget anyone.

Also, be sure to involve your partner and parents. Do this to know their expectations and if they have any additional guests in mind for your day.

Consider Matching Your Budget With Your Guest List

Matching your budget with your guest list is the very first step you should take. It starts with evaluating the all-around wedding budget and the kind of wedding you want to have.

For example, a $10k wedding budget will have a small guest list if you want it to be luxurious, while a $30k-$50k account can have about everyone you know on the guest list and still be elegant.

Create an A-list and a B-List.

As you develop your draft, place your people in divisions. There should be an A-list that holds people like grandparents and best friends.

The B-List may include your school coach or distant relatives, friends, and individual guests who will either not attend or cannot afford the trip. It’s not possible for all your guests to follow, which may, in turn, curtail your guest list.

Write Names On Response Cards

It will help you prevent subjects of bad etiquette and extra plus ones. The side effects will be you getting back blank RSVP cards, which may be an added advantage.

Plus, it will save you a lot of time searching for people and having uncomfortable chats about who you did not invite.

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