Couples often look for ways to customize their wedding. They incorporate their personal choices and lifestyles into the celebration. They explore many ideas: local cuisine, fashion, locations, and even wine.

Highlighting wines at your wedding can be a unique way to customize your big day, especially if you and your spouse are connoisseurs of wines!

And you won’t even need to resort to hosting your wedding at a winery, vineyard, or wine cellar to highlight your favorites at your wedding. So, here are some ideas to help with highlighting wine at your wedding!


Meadows Highlighting Wine At Your Wedding scaled


A Wine Box Ritual

Wine box ceremonies are the latest trends. It starts with a visit to your local winery, then ask for a unique bottle that will age well.

Your officiant will give you a customized box with the bottle of wine at your ceremony and announce that it is to be saved for a special occasion. The occasion is usually a milestone or your wedding anniversary. You will then close the box and keep the wine safe for the specific date that it’s been reserved for.


Special Wine Zones

You can use lounges or small rooms at your wedding venue and display special wine bottles. Then, have your guests help themselves with these special drinks.

Also, keep the selected space intimate and cozy. Include tiny notes that describe the wine, wine glasses, carafes containing wines, and a help-note urging your guests toward the special reserve bottle.


Wine Pairings

Wine pairings with dinner will depend on your catering team and the nature of guests at your wedding. If your guests are a group that loves wines, a pairing experience will be just great. However, you have to keep in mind that the wine pairing service can be challenging.

You will have to time the service perfectly with when the food is served, so consult your professional caterer for this.


Whether you’re looking to highlight wines at your wedding or simply going with a cocktail, or bar options, the right venue makes everything perfect!

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