For centuries now, people have been practicing the tradition of proposing marriage to their partners on one knee.

Compared with most traditions surrounding the marriage, it doesn’t look like one that will fade soon. Most people consider it the utmost romantic gesture, so much so that a proposal, no matter how lavish and unique, is incomplete if someone doesn’t go on one knee.

However, like most traditions, going on one knee has so many stories behind it. There are claims that no one is certain where it originates from, but here is letting you in some of the stories that seem likely responsible for the act!

  • … About Proskynesis

Proskynesis is an ancient Persian tradition that involves an individual of a lesser rank bowing in worship to another of higher authority. It could be a lord or ruler to show loyalty, respect, and obedience.

  • The Influence Of Alexander The Great

The story has it that in the year 328 BC in medieval Europe, Alexander the Great, in one of his court sessions, had to introduce the art of going on one knee as one of the gestures in his court. He did this to show their deep respect for their king.

  • Moving to Religion

Kneeling before kings and people of higher authority led to its adoption into Christianity. That’s when laymen will kneel (or genuflect) to kiss the episcopal ring, usually worn by clergymen, like bishops. The genuflection relays the acceptance of the authority the person who has the ring possesses.

Thus, the topic of kneeling to propose marriage connects more with submission, prayer, acceptance, respect, and loyalty.

In marriage, the meanings people attach to this gesture have more refinement than in the stories that connect to it, as no one is of the lower rank.

Marriage often works better when the parties work as partners, with equal respect, love, and loyalty towards or for each other.

However, going on one knee is a romantic gesture that goes beyond a show of respect or loyalty.

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