Meadows Event Center is a great location for your wedding in Platteville and we have all the experience need to make your wedding hosting a success. Another ingredient for a successful wedding is planning properly, and one of the things to be planned is your wedding colors. Wedding selecting colors for your wedding, we’ll suggest that you and your partner make a joint decision about it. The following two tips can also help when it comes to wedding colors.

You would want to know the exact colors you will have for your wedding so that you can choose the wedding attire accordingly. You most definitely would not want to find purple dresses for the bridesmaids and then have red flowers in the bouquet. Choose the colors you and your partner like best and then plan the wedding around those colors.

Match Colors

You and your partner can decide to choose your favorite colors for use in your wedding, just be sure that they match and look nice when combined. Another great way is to choose a center color and then add others from there. Also, take the bride’s dress into account when choosing.

Dresses and Flower Colors

Only when you have chosen the central color theme for your wedding, should you choose the colors for your flowers and your bridesmaid’s dresses. If you are going with a traditional white gown, you can go right ahead. If you are however going for a colored dress, it should also be in line with the color theme for your wedding and not clash. Don’t forget to make sure that it matches with your bridesmaid’s dresses.

Do not forget that your wedding color theme will also affect things like your decorations, your groomsmen’s attire, and even your wedding cake. Avoid overdoing color selections as these could turn out to be distracting. Best of luck!

We would love a chance to host your wedding here at The Meadows Event Center. Our venue is conveniently located between Greeley and Brighton, and we’d be excited to help with your big day. You can find us at 14016 County Road 32, Platteville CO, or give us a call at 970-500-5979. Better still, send us an email at