There can’t be a wedding without a venue – venues typically cost couples an average of $1,800 to $13,400. This is why good venue decisions must be made.

While choosing the right venue, there are factors that you would need to put in place, such as your wedding budget, the look and feel you would want in a venue, etc.

One way to help you with your venue decision is by comparing your venue options, which requires some essential steps. Find some of these steps below!



  • A Wishlist

A wishlist is an essential tool in choosing your wedding venue. First, ask your partner to make a list of all the items or services they would want in a venue; make yours too. Then, compare the wishlists. It will help you narrow down the number of venues you have considered.


  • List Out The Essentials

Write down all your wedding essentials that concern your choice of venue. It would help with clarity and also avoid overwhelming you.

When making a list, use the following information: guest count, wedding activities, wedding date, total budget, location choices, etc.


  • Consider Availability

Wedding venues that aren’t available on your top picks for your wedding date should be ruled out. You must have already chosen the wedding season, month, and three dates that you’re most comfortable with. But be sure to include a Friday or Sunday. It will help you gain great deals at expensive spaces.


  • Use A Chart

Whether it is formal, as with an excel spreadsheet or a paper, create a chart and map out categories such as the name of the wedding venue and its location.

And consider its availability, capacity, estimate, amenities, style, and the prioritized items on your wish lists. It’s easier to link the venues’ websites if you’re using a spreadsheet for easy accessibility.


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