Creating a wedding monogram isn’t that difficult. A wedding monogram is not much different from a regular monogram. You combine your initials with those of your spouse to make one design. Where it often differs from other monograms is with the décor.

A wedding monograms often features some décor like floral motifs, laurel wreaths and more. You can find some wedding monogram makers for free online. For the best monogram however, we’d advise that you use a professional stationer or calligrapher. They’ll be able to take your vision and turn it into a crest that you’ll love long after your wedding is done.

Your wedding monogram can be used in many things. You could put it on your wedding invitations, programs, menu, cocktail napkins, and even incorporate it into your wedding attire. You can also include it in your wedding video and pictures. If you’re thinking of having a wedding monogram, here are some tips that you might find useful.

Choose Your Letters First

There are many ways that you can combine the letters of your name to create your monogram. Some couples choose to use the first initials of both their names. You could also incorporate the initial of your last name, of you choose to share one. It is only after you decide on the letters you are using that you can move onto choosing a design.

Consider Your Wedding Style

For a monogram that you’ll love, its best to consider your wedding style. It will help you determine the kind of monogram that would fit. For example, you don’t want to have a monogram that is too formal while your wedding style is casual and fun. Your wedding monogram should fit your wedding’s aesthetic.  

Consider Your Color Scheme

Your wedding monogram should not clash with your wedding color scheme. A monogram that complements it would help bring everything together beautifully. Remember that you’ll be incorporating it into your menu, program and other wedding day details.

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