Like many parts surrounding or making up a wedding occasion, a wedding invitation also has its history. Ọf course, many things we practice today started from somewhere and from other people adopting and incorporating them into different daily lives.

Traditions are great ways to keep the connection with our roots, especially those that bring us together, such as weddings and wedding invitations. We know you’re curiously excited, and we’re happy to share this history of wedding invitations with you!


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The Announcement

The story has it that in the 1700s, people were receiving wedding invitations through loud announcements. Usually by town criers, and so happens that everyone who hears it gets invited, save for people who are not on good terms with the celebrating family.

A town crier announced invitations because most people couldn’t read; of course, with wealthy and royal families, one had to write to invite them. As opposed to ordinary citizens, they could read and write.


The One With Tissue Paper

There’s usually a fragile piece of tissue paper or delicate material that’s a part of wedding invitations. It makes for part of the design and adds an elite touch. Still, there’s an interesting story behind it: the invention of metal-plate engraving.

A small piece of tissue paper was placed above an engraving on the metal plate to prevent it from smudging; this, however, became a worthy tradition as time went by.


The One With Two Envelopes

Before the 20th Century, letters and wedding invitations were delivered through a family servant by hand, as the postal service wasn’t efficient at the time.

So, with servants delivering these invitations, mainly through horses, the letters will often arrive in rough conditions. Thus, to keep them tidy enough through the journey, couples and their families wrapped invitations in double envelopes. These historical parts of wedding invitations are still being incorporated in this age and time and make it all worth it.


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