The whole wedding vocabulary can be confusing many times. You think you know a word only to discover that it represents an entirely different thing regarding weddings.

This is the case for a wedding planner, designer, and coordinator. Although these three work in the same field, people often confuse their roles.

One of the first things to know when planning a wedding is the wedding vocabulary, especially as it concerns the people working with you from the first day until after the wedding.


Meadows Know The Difference Between A Wedding Planner Coordinator And Designer


A Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is responsible for your wedding logistics. They take on vendor referrals, negotiate contracts, and see that your wedding vision is close to becoming a reality every day.

A wedding planner is a necessity. The planner helps with a seamless planning process. The unique skill that makes wedding planners stand out is their ability to work with a given budget.


A Wedding Coordinator

Most times, wedding coordinators are only concerned with your wedding day activities, mainly the logistics. They make sure the payments and guest count are accurate.

A wedding coordinator would often start planning with you a month before the wedding. At that point, they are responsible for ensuring all you’ve done before their involvement is in place.


The Wedding Designer

More often than not, wedding designers get ignored. It could be because some wedding planners also have ideas on how to design weddings.

However, wedding designers are responsible for the wedding aesthetics – the floor plans, lights, furniture, flowers, linens, attire, etc.

They’re often responsible for the uniqueness some weddings may have. Wedding designers are the artistic eyes in the wedding planning process.


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