At Meadows Event Center, we get to see a huge variety of wonderfully different wedding ceremonies. These are all so unique, precisely because the day’s elements are all so influenced by the couple’s unique personalities, styles, tastes and preferences. This is what, we think, makes weddings such sensational occasions to be a part of. 

We’re always super intrigued to see the rise of different trends in the styles of weddings, and witness new clever twists on traditional decor styles become increasingly popular amongst our clients. So, to provide a bit of inspiration for all of our clients who might be spending a bit of time planning out their wedding decor while in lockdown, we’ve put together a list of some of our absolute favorite new trends to make their mark on the world of wedding decor.  

  • Unusual types of flowers – that includes both creative colors and varieties themselves that we haven’t seen before. 
  • Less ‘all in white’ – clever touches of bright bold colors here and there to make the decor really pop.
  • Sustainability – whether it be eco-friendly balloons or ditching the use of single-use plates and plastic cups, we’ve loved seeing the rise of a sustainable focus in the weddings we’ve hosted.
  • Bold pattern pieces, light fittings, or design features to create a fun bespoke effect for your decor. 
  • Lighting is key – expanding on the point above, we’re increasingly seeing that a key part of a wedding’s decor is the lighting. Whether it be ornate lights hanging from the ceiling, candles on the tables, or fairy lights adorning the whole venue, keeping the whole setting well-lit in a way that is still soft and romantic is a big new trend. 
  • Intriguing, unique sculptural feature pieces that are inspired by modern art.
  • Personalisation as a key feature throughout the day. A really popular recent trend is the use of sweet little touches throughout the decor. This really brings the whole day together, making the whole day and everything within it about celebrating the couple in love at the heart of it all. 

At Meadows Event Center, it’s been a delight for us to see all of the stunning innovative new ways that our clients have been decorating their weddings, to make their special day in our gorgeous venue super bespoke and unique to them. We know just how to help our clients make the very most out of the occasion, and we work very closely alongside each of them to ensure that their ceremony set in our fabulous Colorado venue is absolutely everything that they could have hoped for. Speak to one of our team to find out more about our services.