Putting together the pieces to bring to life the wedding ceremony of your dreams is bound to be an intricate task. You might have been binge watching rom-coms with the picture-perfect wedding at the end, or looking at wedding magazines ever since you were little. But now that it’s time for your ceremony, you want this occasion to be uniquely and authentically you

Your ceremony is your chance not only to create a day that radiates glamor and sophistication, but also to make this occasion one which represents and celebrates yours and your partner’s unique love story.  

At Meadows Event Center, we’ve had the opportunity to host countless gorgeous weddings, and so this means that we’ve seen all different kinds of wonderful ways that our guests have added special touches to make their day different. For those of you who are spending a few lockdown afternoons planning your wedding, we wanted to provide a few points of inspiration for ways that you can add touches of personality to your day. 

  • An unusual color palette – whatever your thing, gold and black or fuschia pink and cobalt blue, use white as your base color then add in touches of your favorite color to put your own stamp on the decor. 
  • Modern art feature pieces – these could be at the end of the altar to create a statement focal point, or just dotted around the venue. Pieces of modern art are, by their very nature, unique, and so they make a great way to add beautiful, individual decorations to your wedding. 
  • Clever lighting – it’s a very chic, glamorous way to decorate your day in a standout way. 
  • Photo booth – these are a great addition to any wedding, not only providing you and your guests with a fun activity, but also creating lots of sweet keepsakes for you all to remember the day by.
  • Food – for your canapes, wedding dinner, cake or all of the above, make the foods that you serve a little bit out of the ordinary, and take this opportunity to showcase some of your favorites (we think that mini donut canapes are the way forward!).

Whatever you may wish for from your wedding day, at Meadows Event Center we provide all of our clients with the perfect venue to situate an unforgettable wedding day. If our Colorado venue ticks all of your boxes, have a chat with our team, and we can show you how we’ll work alongside you to create a day that’s brimming with personality.