Weddings can be an expensive proposition. If you want to serve alcohol, but don’t want to spend a fortune to have drinks served at your wedding, it may be wise to opt for a venue that allows you to bring your alcohol. Many of these locations will allow you to rent the bar area, hire a bartender, and then bring your own alcohol to guests. This provides you with the following benefits as you plan your wedding:

Control the Alcohol That’s Poured

When you purchase your own alcohol and bring it for your wedding reception, you maintain control of the alcohol that is poured. If you only want beer and wine, you can purchase just those. If you only want specific lighter mixed drinks, you can provide those. Providing your own alcohol gives you a great deal of control over what is served at your reception and how long it is served for and may help keep the reception itself under control. You can also make sure that there are plenty of options available for wedding guests who opt not to drink.

Limit the Investment on Alcohol

Bringing your own alcohol for the wedding reception helps you know exactly how much money you’ll be spending on this budget item, instead of being hit with a larger bill than you’re expecting. You’ll be able to budget for the amount of alcohol you want to provide, bring it to the reception, and when it’s gone, it’s gone, instead of being surprised by how much alcohol your guests consume during the reception. This one change can help you save quite a bit of money.

Prevent Waste

If a wedding has an open bar and the alcohol is flowing freely, you may find that guests waste drinks, leaving them sitting around half consumed. This can be frustrating to watch when you’re the one paying for each drink. When you bring your own alcohol to the wedding reception, there is a limited amount of money that is spent on alcohol. This means that even if drinks are wasted, a finite amount of waste can occur. It may still be frustrating, but you won’t have to deal with watching the bill continually add up while drinks go unfinished.

As you plan a wedding on a budget, one easy way to limit expenses is to supply your own alcohol for the reception. Meadows Event Center is happy to allow you to plan this type of event to keep your wedding expenses under control while planning the event of your dreams. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you plan the perfect wedding.