Due to situations beyond our control, we often seek alternative sources of getting what we want to be done. Organizing a low-key wedding reception does not necessarily mean the finance to sponsor an elaborate one is not there. You might want something low, not too busy. As such, there are so many things to look out for when planning a low-key wedding.


The planning has to be accurate and efficient. Without proper planning, an event could turn out to be a total flop. Due to the nature of your reception, you will need to make out quality time to plan.

It would help if you could hire an event coordinator. Every possible thing and outcome has to be taken into consideration. It would help avoid any last-minute stress or adjustment.

Meadows Event Center has event planners for every kind of wedding, be it a low-key or elaborate wedding.


The reception’s nature determines its budget; everything to be bought or paid for should be affordable. The wedding expenditure has to fit the budget. The funding will also determine the quality of services you will get.

Venue Of The Reception

The choice of venue is a reflection of the budget. You might want a venue that offers a considerable level of privacy due to the nature of your wedding reception.

The venue has to be conducive. At Meadows Event Center, you’ll get a well-kept venue with so many attractive features.


Organizing the guest list is usually one of the most challenging parts of event planning. You may not want to invite a large number of people due to the nature of your reception.

Your guest list has to be well organized, taking into account the caliber of people you’re expecting, or you invited.

The fewer the guests, the shorter the guest list will be. As such, you may want only to invite close friends and family.

Catering Services

It will be best if you secure the services of an affordable wedding caterer. And make sure you taste their food too.


At Meadows Event Center, you are sure to get equipment for every kind of wedding reception at affordable prices. We offer only the best to all our clients. We have good chairs, musical equipment, amongst others.


We recommend you go for light décor, but this is strictly a matter of choice. The one constant is, your décor has to go in line with the theme of your reception. You also need to consider the colors for the decor.


You will need to hire a professional DJ or band. And of course, it has to be within your budget. And the DJ or band has to play songs or perform according to your reception’s theme.

Meadows Event Center offers quality services at affordable prices. For a well-organized and accessible wedding reception, contact us today. Our fantastic wedding venue offers the best amenities and backdrops for excellent wedding pictures too!

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