Wedding officiants are an inevitable part of weddings. They join the couple in marriage. In many cases, officiants provide support to couples whose relationships are not supported by their parents.

While wedding officiants can be anyone who has the legal rights to join couples together, there are different types of them. The nature of a wedding determines the type of wedding officiant the couple will need. If you’re wondering what type of officiant your wedding can use, have a read below!


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Religious Officiant

A couple who attends the same church or has the same religious beliefs can use a religious officiant. A religious officiant can be a rabbi, priest, minister, or any religious leader. A clergyman is often the right choice for couples who don’t want to deviate from traditional weddings.


Secular Officiant

A secular officiant is usually the best bet for couples who are non-religious or not affiliated with any religion. Also, couples of the same sex or different faiths may use secular officiants for their wedding ceremonies.

A secular wedding officiant has to be trained and certified by an organization such as the Celebrant USA Foundation & Institute or the American Humanist Association, etc. With secular officiants, couples get to choose their ceremony readings, vows, and songs.


Civil Officiant

A civil officiant is almost like another wedding vendor. They would often issue a price for their service. The primary role of a civil wedding officiant is to legalize a marriage. They mainly serve as witnesses who also validate the consent of marriage between couples for a license. The local city clerk’s office legally registers them.

It would be best if you considered some factors before choosing the right officiant for your wedding. Still, your ceremony deserves the right venue to bring your dreams to life!


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