Quite a few couples do not employ the services of a florist at their wedding; perhaps they don’t see the significance of having flowers decorating their reception venue. Some couples even say they can get their bouquet without a florist in tow and while this is easy enough to do, we recommend not having more stress added to you.

Contrary to some opinions, a florist is all but necessary for the ambiance and beauty of your wedding. They light up your wedding with well-crafted centerpieces of the most colorful and exotic flowers. 

We recently sat down with Echelon Florist, a floral design outfit that has operated in Knoxville, TN since 1995. They provide floral arrangements for offices, homes, and also schedule for pickup, delivery, and consultation. And today, we feature them in our vendor spotlight series!

Have they tended to many weddings or just a few? 

They have done quite a lot of weddings-maybe above 100. It’s a family-owned business that started with their grandparents helping colleagues buy flowers from the local shops. They ventured into weddings in 1995 when a friend consulted them on floral arrangements for her wedding. They have since been consulted for all kinds of weddings and, by their count, have delivered well over 500 bouquets to brides.

What are their rates for clients? 

There are no particular flat rates because charges depend on the choices of flowers that the couples make. Flowers are seasonal and, sometimes, a bride could want a floral arrangement that is out of season, so they include that in their charges.

They also consider the complexities of the arrangement, the number of flower stands, etc. But what’s most important to them is that they help you achieve a unique experience at your wedding.

What is the most impromptu work they have done? 

They were called for a same day arrangement by the groom’s mother. The wedding reception was supposed to start by 11 am and they were called by 7 am. It was not part of their culture but they turned up as some of their florists were working in the same city that morning.

In the end, most of those florists had to work extra hours. Though they had little resources, they were still able to do the needful and paint the wedding with beauty and color.

What do they tell couples who don’t hire florists? 

They don’t do much talking. They only keep photographs of weddings without flowers side-by-side with photos of weddings boasting great flower arrangements, then allow the curious clients to compare for themselves. Simply put, they allow their images to do all the talking.

We know that Echelon Florist promise great aesthetics at your wedding, but having worked with them for years, Magnolia Venue has become the best place to give their craft and your wedding the experience and ambiance you want on your big day. 

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