Located in Fort Collins Colorado, Sean Lara Photography is an award-winning wedding photography company owned and managed by a husband and wife photo team. Sean and Lyssa Lara are both full-time wedding, engagement, and portrait photographers. They are masters of their craft and famed for their unique services. We’ll be giving you a glimpse of what it feels like to work with this talented and unique photography team on your wedding day.

What makes Sean Lara Photography Special?

Simply put, their photographs are bold, vibrant, environmental, photojournalistic, and exceptional. Not only do they bring the fun and professionalism into your wedding photography sessions, they also capture the beautiful surroundings of your wedding venue; they tell a love story with brilliant pictures.

Having spent thousands of hours in their photography assignments, and hundreds of weddings serviced by them, they have gained adequate experience in wedding photography and know exactly when and how to capture those special moments that eludes many others working in a similar field. And they’re always prepared with the best photography equipment to give you quality photo experience.

What photography qualifications and recognition do they have?

Over the years, they have gained a number of qualifications and achievements in the world of photography. Some of them are the certified professional photographers from Nikon, international wedding and portrait photography educators, wedding and portrait photographers international (WPPI) speakers and educators, and many more achievements.

They have also been graced with a number of top-placing awards from around the world and have also been featured and published by several prominent blogs, websites and magazines around USA.

Some of their awards include photography awards from WPPI, DP Review, and the international society of professional wedding photographers (ISPWP).  In addition to all these, they are also sponsored by two photography companies namely, HoldFast and CG Pro Prints.

How has COVID-19 impacted the company?

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic currently affecting marriages and other social gatherings in the world, Sean Lara photography has made some changes to help their clients adjust to the current situation and make rational decisions on the next steps to take.

They give room for their clients to reschedule their wedding dates without any form of penalty. For those who want to continue with their weddings, but in a smaller way, Sean Lara photography is also there for them. They also give room for moving the wedding to a different location, total cancelation of the wedding, and elopement.

In a situation where the clients intend to go on with the wedding as planned, Sean Lara photography will also be available for them. By maintaining social distancing and frequent cleaning of their equipment and vehicles, and slight modification of the rules for the photograph sessions, they are sure to make your dream wedding become a reality.

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