What’s happening with wedding color schemes this year? We’re seeing a sustained trend toward some color choices that reflect the grandeur in more subtle color choices.

Here’s some of what’s hot this season…

Terracotta and Greenery

What’s great about merging the color of a terracotta roof with various shades of fresh green and olive?

One thing is that both of these colors are muted offsets of colors on the primary and secondary color wheel. Take a look at pictures of this combination, whether it’s on groomsmen’s pants and suspenders, or the dresses of the bridal party, and you’ll see why these colors pop.

Grey and Gold

One of the most popular components of wedding colors today is gold foil, and the grey and gold look completes this with the serenity of the grey background. Imagine a fleur-de-lis on an invitation to see some of this color interplay at work.

The Rose and the Lily

Here’s a classic color combination that might never go out of style – at least, if you’re a fan of mystical threads in Western civilization. The rose color itself is extremely popular these days, especially in rarer shades like cinnamon rose or dusty rose, and paired with a white-hued lily color, this can be a great choice for weddings that also gives a nod to the traditions of alchemy and magical lore.

Shades of Grey

Grateful Dead fans might like the allusion, but grey is becoming a classic part of the palate, as suggested above, well beyond the “dead-head” set. Many wedding parties are choosing grey to set off other earth-tone colors in a way that provides a top-class result.

What a lot of these colors have in common is that they are less garishly bright than some of the choices you might see in old wedding photos. Many couples are opting for color choices that have a more sophisticated interplay, where you can rest your eyes on them without squinting. That’s not to say that you can’t get results with some more intense color choices – but again, just look at how these combinations look on cakes, dresses, and more, and you’ll see why they are so popular now. 
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